Then It Happened!

Then it Happened?

A Strong Message for Teens or anyone for that matter!


Mary turned away. Sarah didn’t care. Natalie knew better.

On a cool October night each will make a choice that will ensnare them all in horrifying consequences.

M1028 is about the invisible struggle between right and wrong. It is a story of the physical death awaiting everyone and the certainty of the two resurrections on the other side: one a resurrection into life, the other into unspeakable horrors. Each is eternal, each the result of choices made while on earth.

Rebellion. Manipulation. Conscience. Redemption. Prepare to be shaken and disturbed. M1028 will remain with you long after the last credit line has faded to black.

Out of Print: This product has been discontinued or is no longer available for purchase.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have done – God loves you.
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